Our partners are your partners.

Squiz Connect is our partnership program - a robust ecosystem of technology, development and service providers that we've teamed up with to bring you a comprehensive set of integrated solutions.

Best of Breed

Masters of all trades.

Jacks of none.

When you're crafting your vision, you want to work with the best. We know our strengths and are humble enough to recognise the strengths of others. We believe it's our job to bring in the experts in each field to deliver the best possible outcome.

It's like having your own League of Extraordinary Vendors - a group that's been specially assembled to bring best of breed solutions together in a seamless way. You can think of Squiz as the glue that binds them all together so you can focus on your goals - not vendor relations.

And we don't just work with our partners - we take responsibility for them, guaranteeing work and even covering their costs in a Squiz Plus Agreement that you can tailor to your objectives.

Our partner network

Have your cake and eat it too.

We've got the right ingredients.

Building your perfect web solution isn't that different from baking a cake - you're going to need both a recipe and a variety of ingredients that bind together to create the finished product. That's why we've opened up the pantry and the recipe book to give you access to all the products and services you'll ever need to reach your website goals.

We've built a network of trusted partners whose products and services integrate seamlessly with our own to help you build the solution that works for you. From marketing automation and analytics tools to experienced developers and brand strategy agencies, we'll bring them all together to cook up a solution that ticks all your boxes.


Here's how it can work for you.

With myriad possible solutions, we thought we'd show you just one way that we can work with our partners to deliver on your goals.

Intelligent search technology that learns about your user and assembles the most relevant content into a dynamic interface. We call it 'Super Content'.

Leading software that can track user behaviour throughout your site and capture data such as company, location and referral site - then match it with your customer personas.

The CMS integration powerhouse. Matrix manages your content and seamlessly pulls Funnelback Super Content into personalised web pages based on user behaviour.


Seeing is believing, right? Get in touch for a demonstration or more info about Matrix.

Please get in touch.

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