The Best Things in Life are Free

The Best Things in Life are Free

They say the best things in life are free - we reckon they're right on the money. That's why our world-class CMS, Matrix, is available for download completely free of charge. It's called Open Source Software (OSS) and it's changing the way we all do business - for the better. In fact, research firm, the Standish Group, states that adoption of open source software models has resulted in savings of about $60 billion per year to consumers.

What is open source?

Open source, in the classical sense, means that the source code is freely and publicly available to anyone who wishes to do so. In order to gain an Open Source License, a developer also has to adhere to strict standards as outlined by the Open Source Initiative. So, in layman's terms, OSS is software that is free to download and modify to suit your needs. Proprietary software (such as Microsoft) usually has expensive licensing fees and a multitude of restrictions that must be complied with. Plus, they'll never even give you a peek at their source code.

Ok so it's free - what else is so great about it?

The key benefit of open source is best explained by a heuristic named 'Linus's Law' after famed programmer Linus Torvalds. The law states that "given enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow." This means that as more people gain access to the source code, bugs will be easier to spot and quicker to fix.

Most successful open source products have a community of thousands of programmers and developers collaborating to continuously improve the software, while commercial products use a smaller internal pool of programmers whose main goal is to increase revenue. What we're saying, in a nutshell, is that open source is usually more secure and reliable than licensed software.

Another benefit of open source software lies in its inherent flexibility. Users are free to customise the source code however they see fit, creating bespoke solutions for their organisation. Open source is also required to be technology-neutral, making interoperability a key advantage. This is especially important for businesses that want to remain agile and responsive when it comes to new technology.

So if we're giving it away for free, how are we still in business?

We're profitable because of our people. Matrix is free to use, yes, but like all content management systems, it requires support, implementation, customisation, user experience design, web design and hosting. So instead of spending money paying a CMS tax (licensing fee) every year, you can use that budget to take advantage of our outstanding client services. We even have tailored bundles that allow customers to pick and choose what services they want to use throughout the year, so you only ever pay for the things you need.

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