Enterprise-class web technology
platform that just works.

Squiz Matrix gives you all the benefits of an open source product with the security and assurance of a 24/7 supported solution.

Your content editors will love you.

Edit+ makes content editing easier than ever before.

Ask any content editor what they want from a web platform and they'll tell you they just want it to be easy. Easy to learn, easy to manage, easy to edit and easy to update. At Squiz, we think it's important to give our customers what they want. That's why we developed our industry-leading tool, Edit+.

Edit+ gives content editors a user-friendly interface with powerful WYSIWYG functionality that's so intuitive you'll think you're using a word processor. You'll never have to think about HTML again, because Edit+ makes it easy to insert hyperlinks, tables and images with the click of a button.

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know no boundaries.

Matrix can take you wherever you want to go.

In such an interconnected world, it's surprising that so few applications are built to work together. We don't believe in barriers; we believe in bridges. That's why we built Matrix to work with just about anything you can imagine. If there's something you want to connect with, we can do it.

We pride ourselves on reliability, so you'll never have to worry about uptime in your downtime, and you can leave the nitty gritty to us. We're here to open up a world of possibility through comprehensive features, services and support. All you need to do is ask.

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Access all areas.

Cross accessibility off your worries list with our Accessibility Auditor.

Accessibility may not be a glamorous subject but it's an important one. We like to think of it as 'usability' because by making your site accessible you're making it easier to use for every person who visits. You're also making sure that your site will look great across a multitude of devices.

Matrix's Accessibility Auditor identifies any accessibility errors within the intuitive Edit+ interface, so you can quickly and easily correct any problems before they even make it to your website.

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Let's cut to the chase.

You might call it a features list.

  • Intuitive editing interfaces 
  • 100% customisable design interfaces 
  • Comprehensive library of tools available out of the box
  • Mobile and cross channel content management and synchronisation
  • Personalisation capability
  • Content syndication 
  • Extensive governance tools (e.g. logs, accessibility, workflow) 
  • Automated content migration tools

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