The Challenge

Dermalogica had a variety of websites and client services spread over a number of URLs and there was no real connection or easy way to navigate between them. To avoid multiple logins, brand confusion and unnecessary processes, the aim was to consolidate all the sites and provide new, additional services to their clients from one simple-to-use platform.

Many of the authorised accounts that represent Dermalogica are not tech-savvy, so simplicity was a key factor in the project. How could every skin care centre get online and promote not only their individual skin care business, but the overall Dermalogica brand and offering too? The answer was to offer a free website builder that would support global brand consistency and growth.

Called ‘Connect’, this new hub would be the one central point where all existing and future services would be located. The requirements for Connect differed in each global market; therefore the project needed the flexibility to work independently in every country whilst remaining true to the quality of the brand.

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The Solution

How to keep 100,000 skin therapists happy…?

It was not an easy problem to solve and it took many workshops to find the perfect solution.

After the first implementation cycle, it was deemed a 6-step wizard, that guided a user through the steps to building a website, would serve as a great solution.

Users are now able to construct their site without any HTML knowledge. Simple steps allow a 4-page site to be built within 15 minutes. Using the wizard gave Dermalogica accounts the freedom to add enough custom content to personalise their site whilst keeping aligned with brand messaging.

Whether the website is refreshed by the owner or not, new content is pushed to the page monthly when Dermalogica changes offers. This keeps the content relevant and even provides editors a commission of any sales made from Dermalogica advertisements.

Squiz helped to create user groups - of which there were rather a lot! Handy when there are over 5,000 users and multiple ways to interact with the system. A structure of various permission levels was assigned that automated much of the work associated with communication and system-generated emails could be targeted towards specific user groups that notify them of the Dermalogica services that they have access to.

User Experience (UX), as with any development, was forefront in design. Squiz drove the UX process and adapted ideas with the Dermalogica team throughout the build and test phases.

The Result

The ‘Connect’ project has been a huge success. The UK and Ireland now have over 5,000 users and the project has helped more than 1,000 accounts get online with their own responsive site. The wizard made the process of building a website pain-free and over 60% of users that start the 6 steps complete them in one sitting.

“Using Matrix, an enterprise level CMS, to create new websites for our customers, and essentially using it in a completely unique way that it was not intended for, has been great fun. Pushing the boundaries of what we can achieve with existing software is exciting”.
Ben Weltman, Web Developer.

Due to the success in the UK, ‘Connect’ has been launched in Australia and will soon be followed by the US, Canada and South Africa. Australia currently has over 1,000 users and more than 100 websites, which should continue to increase over the next few months as they begin pushing all their services through ‘Connect’.

“‘Connect’ has been a fantastically interesting project to work on. From the outset, we have worked very hard to create something incredibly simple and user friendly. We found an excellent partner in Squiz and their Matrix CMS”.
Ben Weltman, Web Developer.

This was an exciting project for Squiz; we enjoy empowering our clients and staff to be the best they can be in digital, and we look forward to seeing how many users Dermalogica help give a voice to in the online world.

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