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The customer

American College of Physicians Association is a diverse community of internal medicine specialists and subspecialists united by a commitment to excellence.

Over 150,000 members use the scientific data from the website and use ACP’s information to gain expertise in specific diagnosis’ and treatment. It’s a community to share new studies and information so that specialists can apply the preeminent knowledge to a patient’s situation or for educational purposes.

The challenge

When Google decided to discontinue GSA (Google Search Appliance), it proved the perfect time to upgrade the search function across the full collection of ACP’s websites. ACP desired a robust search to account for medical jargon, abbreviations, and acronyms. They wanted more than just inferred structure that GSA provided, rather they wanted to be able to easily define the structure to optimize the organization’s collections of sites and provide the most accurate information.

With content spread throughout multiple structured documents, for example, medical journals as well as more undeveloped information like pages and documents, it’s critical that valuable knowledge is easily accessed. Switching from a Google Product to Funnelback, The America College of Physicians found a more robust search platform that delivered functionality beyond basic search to drive member satisfaction and empowered the ACP team to have greater control of the search experience.

Funnelback is big enough to have sufficient resourcing to invest in continual improvements to a remarkably powerful and well-engineered platform, yet small enough to get to know each customer

Steve Spadt, Sr
Vice President, Technology
The approach

The most important goal for ACP was to ensure search could access all types of metadata across broad collections while being able to control results and ranks.

Funnelback was able to crawl structured and unstructured data to unite all relevant content in a single search, making it easy for the ACP team to manipulate and promote results in Funnelback Marketing Dashboard.

With Funnelback, the web team worked with specialists to crawl over their digital content libraries. Their non-technical staff is now able to play a role in managing search, calling out the importance of creating new synonyms for acronyms and jargon that was not available previously.

With Funnelback, ACP approached some of their challenges and focused on index multiple sources, shorten the user journey and improve search with enhanced features which enhances the overall user experience.

The results

The web team is now able to provide an improved user experience to all members and web visitors. The team is now seeing far fewer complaints and far more compliments regarding the quality of search results.

With technical and non-technical users able to play a role in the search, they are able to monitor zero-match terms, common misspellings, search, and facet usage. Squiz helped ACP implement common methods and best practices to successfully use Funnelback.

The team at ACP reported that there were far fewer complaints and far more compliments regarding the quality of search results. Crucially, ACP was empowered to provide their users with improved, high-quality support, and enhanced search with new, improved features.

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