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Wadowice, a city in southern Poland, has over 37,000 residents. To provide residents with timely and accurate information about the services and facilities available, the City needed to develop a contemporary website that would bring all of these services together in one place. The new website would also provide an electronic administration system for residents via an eOffice function and be available in both English and Polish language versions.


Squiz designed and built a new website in Matrix CMS resulting in a modern, responsive design that was easy to navigate. A consistent design approach was applied across the board to minimise confusion when moving between institutions and services.

"Squiz Poland provides high-quality products that meet client expectations, are constantly being improved and allowed us to achieve our set goals."

Janusz Gawron
Municipality of Wadowice


  • A one-stop-shop for residents to the city’s services and facilities.
  • Increased sales of movie tickets.
  • Better promotion of local events.
  • Helping to provide a better understanding of the city’s history.

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