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NC+ is a state-of-the-art digital TV platform in Poland offering customers wide access to hundreds of channels as well as providing internet and telephone access services.

With increasing competition in the Video on Demand (VOD) market, NC+ needed to remodel its existing online store to meet their customer’s growing expectations, and ensure they had the foundation in place to launch new products in the future.


Squiz was tasked with developing the new NC+ e-commerce site. As well as wanting to increase sales and grow their customer base, NC+ also wanted customers to engage with the mobile version of the store to access their service.

Squiz Matrix CMS was implemented together with e-commerce platform Magento.

"Implementation of the new sales platform by Squiz resulted in a 30% increase in sales, increased conversion and decreased bounce rate. Magento and Matrix hybrid also simplified and improved the entire sales process of our on-line services."

Stanisław Michalik
E-Commerce & Self-Care Manager, NC+, ITI Neovision


  • Over 30% increase in sales through the e-commerce channel in comparison to the previous year.
  • Average time spent on the site increased and bounce rate decreased by more than 40%.
  • Significant increase in conversions on mobile devices.


A hybrid version of the Magento 2.0 e-commerce engine was implemented resulting in a better customer experience, more personalised content and a seamless path to purchase.

Squiz Matrix CMS allowed for easy content editing and worked as a buffer between the internet and Magento. An additional level of security of NC+ customer data was achieved using this approach. IT service costs were reduced and sales processing was faster.

The new website design put customers at the centre of the experience, and particular attention was made to mobile users by creating a fully responsive website that adjusted to the configuration of the device being used.

Squiz adopted an Agile project approach, allowing the team to deliver specific features, and then work with NC+ on making adjustments and improvements as required.

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