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BGŻOptima is part of the international banking group BNP Paribas Group. To keep up with digital trends and meet changing customer expectations, the bank wanted to refresh their website, to make it easier for customers to research products and transact online. They expected the investment in a more intuitive, personalised digital experience to help grow their customer base and increase online sales.


Squiz Matrix CMS was chosen to power the new website, allowing for easy management of different website sections and more personalisation of content for customers.

“The new BGŻOptima website increased the efficiency of acquiring sales leads, with a 243% increase in conversions.”

Szymon Krupa
BGZOptima Project Manager


  • 243% increase in sales leads coming through the website.
  • 104% increase in new client applications coming from the 3-month deposit fund.
  • Double the number of users navigating to product pages from onsite advertising.


To understand customer expectations and the problems they were experiencing with the current site, the bank worked with a target group of customers for the duration of the project.

Squiz adopted an Agile project approach, which allowed the team to deliver specific features and then work with BGŻOptima to make adjustments and improvements as required.

The content personalisation feature of Squiz Matrix was put to use, allowing offers to be tailored according to whether the user was a new or existing customer.

The new design allows users to view the full product range, on any screen size, without having to read the product details. Implementing a fully responsive design was an essential update, as it allows customers to dynamically compare investment fund graphs and charts, with information proportionally changed depending on the screen resolution.

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