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The Challenge

One of the most popular landmarks in the UK, Westminster Abbey welcomes more than one million visitors each year.

Recognising that visitors from all over the world were accessing their website, from a variety of mobile devices, the Abbey wanted to make the experience more pleasant and enjoyable for users, no matter the device they were viewing the site on.

There was a substantial amount of interesting content on the site, but it was underutilised and hard for users to navigate and find what they needed. Improving website search and access to this content was a priority, as was a fresh, more contemporary design.


With only a small budget to work with, a strong partnership with Squiz would prove invaluable. While budget was limited, the Abbey team did have extensive knowledge and Squiz Matrix development skills, so a unique partnership approach was developed. Working hand in hand with Squiz, the Abbey used their internal resources to create the HTML, with  Squiz then implementing the functionality in Squiz Matrix CMS.

To help users find information about upcoming events, royals and the history of Westminster, search tool Funnelback was introduced to crawl the volumes of content and deliver the right results through website search.

A new responsive design was also implemented, ensuring users got a more personalised experience on any screen size.

"Having a dedicated team at Squiz which covered everything from UX to Project Management meant that the project ran very smoothly. Being given a space in the Squiz office to work for a few days (each week) was extremely valuable and meant tasks could be worked through easily and quickly without having to phone for catch-ups - which saved huge amounts of time."

Imogen Levy
Web Manager, Westminster Abbey


Responsive homepage available in more than 14 different languages.

Dynamic homepage design with an emphasis on promoting events in a timelier manner.

Smart website search to serve relevant content.

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