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Connected Campus
A modern platform for a seamless student experience with Edify on campus, at home or abroad.

Everything you need in one place.

Squiz Edify makes finding information and resources easy with a connected single platform, enabling you to create engaging and personalized student experiences.

Powerful integrations

Designed to simplify your existing systems.

Built for students

With an engaging experience in mind.

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Reimagined portal

For a digital native world.

Reach in real-time

With targeted notifications to students.

Engage your students

With a single dashboard connecting them to everything they need to succeed.

Seamlessly integrate

With your existing systems and technology with our iPaaS integrations and single sign on capabilities.

Personalize communication

To student using targeted filters and push notifications.

Easily customize

Your content and pages with a user-friendly interface.

Keep a pulse check

On your students’ success with data insights and alerts.

Protect your data

And information with our secure, cloud based platform.

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