We create and build innovate online experiences that enable universities to:

Our team of consultants work across all aspects of Strategy, UX, Design, Creative, Technology and Data.

We use data to understand business goals, identify user needs, determine pain points and generate insights. This paves the way for creative solutions that do more than just look great: they enable Higher Education institutions to deliver the best possible service

Our work is pioneering the future of Higher Education

We're proud of our people: they're passionate, creative and dedicated to innovation in HE

We don't follow trends we create them

Our suite of technology powers the Higher Education solutions of tomorrow

Increased competition, more choice and changes to funding mean that your students have become customers. They seek successful learning experiences.

Your web presence is now a service channel that needs to weave together different systems, content and staff to deliver a connected student experience across every touchpoint.

Squiz’s technology platforms extend the value of your assets to deliver new types of automated content interactions and innovative new user experiences.

Our higher education suite delivers digital- and mobile-first acquisition, engagement and retention via a set of integrated solutions like ChatBots, Personalisation, Course Discovery Engines and smart CRM.


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