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Improving consistency and accessibility across government interfaces

Whether you’re new to Squiz or a longtime user, you can be sure that your digital products and services support the Australian Government Design System by utilising our new AGDS starter website template.

Why a Design System?

The Australian Government Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) created the Design System as a set of tools to help government agency designers and developers easily build Government products and services.

By sharing open source code and insights, you can directly improve consistency and accessibility across government interfaces like websites, intranets and portals.

Great, how do I get it?

It's easy to get started with using our compliant website template for Squiz Matrix Content Management System.

We've developed it to comply with all elements of the government CMS checklist to ensure you're fully compliant. The template is free and ready for you to download and install in your CMS today.

NSW Design System

To support the NSW Digital Design System, we have developed a starter website template for the NSW Government.

VIC Design System

To support the Victorian Government Single Digital Presence (SDP), we have packaged and integrated components into Squiz Matrix.

If you'd like to get more information or have any other requirements, our service delivery and support teams are here to help. Please follow the links below.

Get started

I have Squiz Matrix CMS and I’m ready to implement the design system.
View our free starter template.

I have Squiz Matrix CMS and need advice on adapting the design system templates to our needs.
We’re happy to help, please get in touch.

I don’t yet have Squiz Matrix CMS.
Transitioning to Squiz Matrix CMS is a smooth process and can easily be automated. Talk to us about your needs.

Why Squiz Matrix CMS?

Squiz Matrix is an enterprise ready, and open source content management system. We’ve been delivering digital transformation solutions to Australian government organisations for more than 20-years.

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