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The Leader in Digital Experience Websites for Councils

Make it easy for residents to access information and interact with you online from any device at a time that suits them
Our suite of digital tools enhance the experience of your residents and public servants

Website Templates

Resident Portals

Automated Services

Market Leading Search


Single Data source

Website templates purpose built for Local Councils

Multi site

Create & manage multiple websites from one easy to use interface

Easy Deployment

Build your page in no time with easy to deploy templates and components

Any device

Make your information and services visible, accessible and useful on any device

Apply Branding

Bring your council brand and key messages to life

Resident Portals that allow residents to achieve more online

Personalised Portals

Build portals that deliver personalised information and allow them to discover more

eForms & Payments

Make it easy for residents to submit requests and make payments and more with e-forms and transactions.

Interactive Search

Help residents find, track and manage applications and requests with interactive search, lists and forms

Feedback Forms

Manage and respond to enquiries with digital feedback forms, polls and surveys

Automated services which power your residents experience

Web Apps



News Feed

Improve your residents experience with market leading search

Categorised Search

Help residents navigate through lots of information about a particular topic such as upcoming elections by using information categories

Autocomplete Queries

Reduce the time it takes for residents to get jobs done using prompts, suggestions and guides

Geolocation Search

Help your residents find parks, council chambers, bush walks and more in their local area using geo locations and maps

Automate Communications

Automate personalised and timely communications to residents that provide the latest and most relevant information for them by integrating with any marketing automation software

Extend the power of your existing systems to enrich and simplify your resident’s experience

Personalised Communications

Use the data that exists in your Customer Relationship Management system to target and communicate effectively with seniors, students and parents

Accept Payments

Allow your residents to view and pay their council rates directly via the website by integrating with your rate payment platform

Personalise residents digital experiences

Customer Profiles

Create real time customer profiles

Real time Analytics

Use real time behavioural data and events

Website Templates

Resident Portals

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