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Extend your Squiz Matrix website with the front end design elements from the Victorian Government

Squiz Matrix customers can now rapidly build websites that conform to the design standards and brand of the Victorian Government. This can be done using a free extension built with the Single Digital Presence (SDP) Ripple library. Squiz has packaged the Atomic Pattern library UI components of the SDP into Matrix.

Once you download this package you'll have what you need to create as many web sites in Matrix as you need using the Vic Gov library. If you need to install Matrix to test this out, you can find the free VM with Matrix installed at our Matrix Community site.

The Victorian Government Single Digital Presence (SDP) is an open, flexible technical solution that government agencies can use to reduce the cost and effort of digital development.

Package Features

  • Pre-implemented Matrix site template using Squiz best practices.
  • CSS and JS files that include the full Digital Design System library via the GIT bridge.
  • Theme can be customised via editing the GIT source
  • Matrix container templates configured to render Ripple components
  • Page layout controls for editors to control of the banner, breadcrumb, heading and side column.
  • Pre-filled robots.txt file.
  • AA compliance as maintained by the SDP team.

If you need any support with your implementation you can ask questions on our community forum or contact Anthony Nigro (General Manager, Vic & Tas) directly on +61 (0)3 9235 5400 and

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