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Improve efficiency, customer satisfaction and engagement levels

Boost customer satisfaction

Boost customer satisfaction by delivering timely, personalized content and services for customers.

Ensure data-security and compliance

Application and infrastructure security that mitigates threats and protects your data, while ensuring you meet regulatory requirements (such as PCI DSS-2 compliance).

Reduce operational costs and flexibility

Low-code integration with multiple third party apps and ready templates reduce the burden of IT, free-up resources and ensure you can make critical changes at a moment’s notice.

Customer experience journey


Find critical information that is right for you

  • Access product information and services anytime, anywhere and on any device
  • Save time spent on finding and comparing products through context-based intuitive search, leading to potential savings
  • Reduce information-fatigue by receiving relevant information through targeted communications


Reduce your dependence on confusing, disjointed offline channels and processes

  • Make use of online forms and payments
  • Use self-service support to make your online journey easier
  • Book appointments
  • Submit & track requests or enquiries
  • Receive critical information with real-time alerts & notifications


Receive personalized incentives and improved service

  • Benefit through targeted offers based on history
  • Receive relevant promotions and personalized results in your search results

Our FSI clients


Solutions to provide personalized and secure experiences

Squiz Digital Experience Platform
An open, fast and flexible platform to recruit, engage and retain students with templates, components and integrations for universities and colleges of all sizes.
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Funnelback Search for FSI
Pre-configured search experiences designed exclusively for the finance sector
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Solutions to deliver digital experiences across the student lifecycle

Squiz Digital Experience Platform
An open, fast and flexible platform to recruit, engage and retain students with templates, components and integrations for universities and colleges of all sizes.
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A modern platform for a seamless student experience on campus, at home, or abroad.
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Funnelback Search for Higher Education
Help students easily find what they’re looking for, fast.
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Funnelback Program Finder
Help potential students easily find the right degree, majors, and courses.
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Credit Union Australia - CUA Health

Credit Union Australia - CUA Health used Squiz Matrix to realise a 400% increase in mobile transactions and more than double their sales conversion rate.

Boost ROI with Site Search: Marketers Guide

Whether your site is focused on brand recognition, servicing customers, selling products, or conversation, an effective site search strategy is vital in driving conversions and increasing the return on investment from each customer interaction.

Trusted digital experiences at speed

The global pandemic accelerated the pace of change for organizations across every sector in every region of the globe. As more organizations shift services and information to digital channels, trust has become a key concern for customers. This article explores the importance of striking a balance between speed and confidence to deliver on customers' ever-increasing digital demands.

How to Enhance Your Customers’ Digital Experience Post COVID-19 – Webinar Highlights

In the initial stages of COVID-19 lockdown measures, businesses were left scrambling to adjust to entirely new ways of working and business pressures. But, as we slowly learn live with pandemic restrictions and businesses tentatively start to resume limited operations, marketing teams may be asking themselves ‘what now?’.

GESB Superannuation

Following a comprehensive evaluation process, GESB chose the Squiz Digital Experience Platform (DXP) to deliver on their digital vision – i.e. to increase engagement with their members via digital channels.

5 questions to ask before launching a customer portal

The automation of services is revolutionising the way organisations interact with, and serve, their customers. Automating routine interactions and shifting them online has clear benefits for companies and their customers, but getting these digital projects right takes planning.

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