5 reasons CIOs love Matrix

1. We've got you covered.

Foresight. Resourcefulness. Presence of mind. We know what's required of a CIO today, so we also get that you need us to deliver technology that gives you nothing less than 100% reliability. That's why we've developed the world's most secure, most reliable CMS.

2. No more midnight phone calls.

Squiz's 24/7 support is one quick call away, 365 days of the year. We don't think you should have to worry about things like uptime and loading speed, so we'll worry about it for you (and take those midnight calls). We're there to support and help our clients through thick and thin, and we're completely accountable - we'll never let you down.

3. It's cheap as chips.

All of Matrix's features are available out of the box. It does everything you need it to. It's reliable, secure and compliant – it just WORKS. What's more, Matrix is as cheap as chips. Scratch that. It's cheaper. It's free to download and has no licensing fees. That means the only money you'll spend will go towards the world-class services we provide, such as UX, graphic design, implementation, hosting, training and support. And we promise there'll always be enough left in the budget for a packet of salt and vinegar.

4. More power to you.

Matrix's tremendous functionality and endless integration possibilities make it one of the most powerful CMSs on the market. But like you, we know that power is nothing without control. So along with Matrix's comprehensive list of features, it has a control room that lets you configure so flexibly, you'll feel like it was custom-made for your business. No need for custom builds or plugins, no compromising security for clever development. The control is all yours.

5. Easy editing, governance and accessibility.

Edit+ is an intuitive and powerful content authoring interface that makes it a cinch to edit and publish content - so your communications team can get back to writing and you can get back to innovating. But its not just easy editing that makes Matrix a winner across departments. Governance? Done. Compliance? Easy. Accessibility? Stellar. Security? Unrivalled. You can be assured that Matrix has your back, while you and your teams focus on engaging your audience.

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