A guide to merging content and UX

There’s no point perfecting your user experience (UX) if your content isn’t readable or credible, or doesn’t convey the story you want to tell. That’s why merging UX and content is increasingly important if you’d like to keep your users coming back. But too often, UX specialists and content strategists get swept up in their respective missions without working together towards a common goal. Here’s our essential guide to merging content and UX.

Content should inform website structure

A website’s structure should resolve user problems and promote a seamless user journey, but it should also address the way you organise and access content. With this in mind, organisations should:

  • Map all content to key messages
  • Create site maps and page tables that correspond to core content
  • Ensure that every part of your website serves a distinct purpose.

Poor UX can destroy the effectiveness of your content the same way that a lack of usability principles can see your well-crafted messaging fall short.

Consider UX principles when creating content templates

There’s no denying that customers are put off by complicated language and reams of text. Designing content templates that are simple, scannable, and digestible and that feature a clear call to action is key to making content strategy and UX work in sync.

Content and UX need to collaborate when it comes to governance

Merging content and UX also means establishing an effective workflow, prescribing clear guidelines, and understanding how content strategy and usability principles will evolve over time. To work towards these goals:

  • Hold regular meetings with your UX and content teams to ensure that both parties are aware of content developments and strategy
  • Ensure that content models and website taxonomies are scalable and don’t compromise UX principles
  • Put a clear governance process in place to address cross-channel requirements and add content to your site.

Merging content and UX is an ongoing collaboration that requires a level of give and take. Keeping the communication channels open and making every effort to share knowledge are central to delivering a winning customer experience. How has your business merged content and UX?




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