Are your brand values and employee engagement aligned?

For most businesses, the ability to communicate brand values to prospects is key to gaining a competitive edge. Despite this, management often forgets that engaging employees in the company’s mission and purpose is just as important to sparking success. But how do you know whether your brand values and employee engagement are out of sync or aligned? Here’s how to ensure that your staff members are onboard with the values that make your business tick.

  1. Refine your core purpose

    Communicating contradictory brand values to your staff can have disastrous effects. It’s worth knowing exactly what you stand for before embarking on your internal marketing effort. To do this:

    • Simplify your list of brand values
    • Eliminate any mixed messages
    • Ensure that both your internal communications and the instructions you give your staff reflect your newly refined purpose.

    If you demonstrate your values as clearly and compellingly as possible, your employees are likelier to get onboard.

  2. Incorporate your employees’ input

    It’s no secret that the most successful companies are those that hire employees whose values gel with your brand. That’s why it’s essential to remember that aligning your values with those of your staff members is a two-way street. To foster this collaborative culture:

    • Hold brainstorming sessions and gain staff members’ perspectives on putting brand values into action
    • Use employee surveys to better understand their points of view
    • Incorporate their feedback into the vision for your brand

    Organisations that have consistent values and a strong sense of purpose often outperform those that don’t.

  3. Weave brand values into your culture

    It’s not enough to pay lip-service to brand values; businesses need to bring them to life. For instance, if your company prioritises agility, this means encouraging flexible working. And if customer service is a high priority, reward staff members who go the extra mile.


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