Digital disruption: How to embrace and reimagine the future

In the last few years, digital disruption has shaken off its status as a buzz phrase to become a serious business force. These days, survival increasingly hinges on the ability to capture digital opportunities to drive profitability and future growth. But embracing digital disruption also means building the confidence that will let you take the plunge. Here are three strategies that will equip you to embrace and reimagine the future.

Let the data do the talking

Data can give you compelling insights into both your customer journey and the ways in which customers are interacting with your brand:

  • Use data to gather real-time customer intelligence
  • Keep tabs on unexpected trends and patterns
  • Don’t be afraid to let data challenge your existing assumptions and beliefs.

Embracing data-driven decision-making can work wonders for your organisations’ agility.

Achieve clarity of vision

If you want to glide swiftly into your digital future, your entire team must be onboard first:

  • Ensure that you smooth out cross-departmental conflicts
  • Communicate a clear and consistent message
  • Make sure that your organisation shares a clarity of vision and knows what you hope to achieve.

It’s difficult to capitalise on digital possibilities if priorities aren’t cohesive and clear. Achieving clarity of vision is key to creating unity of purpose.

Focus on the customer experience

It isn’t a coincidence that the world’s most disruptive companies put the customer experience first. For example, Uber owes its dizzying trajectory to its knack for using technology to make transport seamless and efficient, and Tesla recently manufactured a home battery that charges using solar panels – a product that helps customers keep utility costs low. The best examples of digital disruption are those that have the user at their heart. Making this your religion will set the stage for future success.


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