Don't let workflow slow you down

Making sure your content is reviewed before getting published is extremely important. Even if you’re at the approval point and you want to publish something yourself, a second set of eyes to scan your content for any silly (sometimes embarrassing) mistakes is always a good thing.

But you can’t do everything on your own; that’s a given. Distributed authorship is often the answer, but it’s something that needs to be executed properly so that your content changes don’t grind to a halt.

New content often gets approved using internal documents even before it hits the CMS, so the optimisation improvements you can make at a software level are usually for updates to existing pages. Even these can take a long time if you don’t have a workflow that works.

This is when your CMS really needs to step in. You shouldn’t need to take workflow out of your business process because of software limitations. Workflows were invented for a reason.

Squiz Matrix has a really powerful workflow system that can truly be of great help in these situations. Its ability to have dynamic approval streams and rules can make sure content never sits stale and will be reviewed by the right people at the right time.

Let’s look at some of the differentiating features:

  • Dynamic Streams - Rules can be set up to push the approval process through a different stream depending on any condition such as day of the week, content being changed, the user who edited the content, etc.
  • Dynamic Approvers - Similar to dynamic streams, the approvers for each step in a workflow stream can also be conditional. For example, if the page will be posted on social media when it goes live, make sure you receive approval from the Marketing team as well.
  • Escalation - When a day has passed since an approval request, you can push it forward to the next team to review to avoid any major delays.
  • Custom Reports - Using the listing widgets in Squiz Matrix you can create reports that give you an overview of all content currently in workflow. This can include vital information such as time spent in current approval step, users who need to approve, and duration since request.

That’s just scratching the surface. Over the years, the workflow system in Squiz Matrix has continually been improved as it’s your website’s content lifecycle is dependent upon it.

To read more about the power of workflow in Squiz Matrix, check out the User Manuals website. Alternatively, get in touch to see what our workflow solutions can do for you.


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