Step 3 of your digital transformation: find the right digital partner

This blog is the fourth in our Digital Transformation series. Before reading on, make sure you check out the previous articles, Digital Transformation: 3 Steps to Getting Started, Step 1 of Your Digital Transformation: Shift your Thinking and Step 2 of Your Digital Transformation: How to gain company-wide buy-in.

Even the simplest attempt at digital change is difficult without a partner equipped to respond to your needs. Finding a service provider who’s willing to really listen to get to know your business, not just your industry, is central to digital transformation. Like every important relationship, it takes time and effort to find the right fit.

Here’s 3 tips to help you find the right digital partner.

Do your research

There’s no shortage of service providers out there so doing your research is key to success. Your ideal digital partner should have the right service offering and be able to collaborate effectively with your business – on your terms.

  • Create a checklist of your service requirements
  • Get quotes from three partners that match your criteria
  • Conduct reference checks to ensure that any credentials check out

Thorough preparation guarantees a higher chance of success.

Have the right conversations

Sometimes, the size of your digital ambitions can see the specifics get lost in the mix. Having the right conversations before you engage your partner can prevent drama down the track.

  • Discuss your stance on cloud hosting, user experience and training
  • Highlight your policy on service level agreements (SLA) and response times
  • Make sure that you’re both in the same boat
  • Find out how they are going about achieving their own digital transformation objectives.

Smoothing out potential conflicts and difficult topics before you begin will start your partnership on the right foot.

Establish concrete goals

There’s no point hiring a superstar partner if you haven’t set clear goals. It always pays to know what you hope to achieve and communicate to your potential partner.

  • Clarify your business vision
  • Outline timeframes, milestones and expectations
  • Assign clear metrics and financial targets to your digital goals

Clarity and consistency are your biggest assets when it comes to building a strong digital partnership.

When you’re looking for a digital partner, it’s vital to research thoroughly, ask the right questions and set clear goals. Do this and be better placed to make your digital goals a reality.

This article is part of a 3-step guide to help you start on your digital transformation journey. Digital transformation is an evolving journey that is only possible if you commit to the first steps.

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