How to foster advocate marketing

Flashy social-media campaigns and viral content might work wonders for your brand awareness, but there are few marketing strategies as powerful as recommendations passed on by word of mouth. That’s why advocate marketing – the art and science of turning your fans and employees into brand evangelists – can help garner new business and drive growth. But getting your community to sing your praises isn’t as simple as it may seem. Here are three top tips for fostering your advocate marketing efforts.

Engage your audience

Creating a community of brand advocates can be as simple as engaging with the customers you already have. This means following your customers on social media, thanking them if they retweet or share your content, and addressing queries and questions in real time. It’s also worth remembering that few things foster brand evangelism as powerfully as going the extra mile. If you aim to delight your customers, they’re likelier to spread the word.

Identify your brand advocates

If you’re a successful business and regularly monitor social media, you’re sure to have customers who tweet positive things about your business, regularly like your social posts, or leave glowing reviews. Sending an email to thank them for their support, featuring them in a blog post, or rewarding them for driving brand awareness with discounts or products can go a long way towards nurturing the relationship. Simple, but that’s the key. Getting your community to sing your praises is the hard part, thanking them for it is easy. Surprise and wow your supporters, regularly.

Inspire your employees to share your brand narrative

Although customers can seriously build your brand’s profile, your employees are also a powerful untapped force. Positive messages from individual employees also resonate more effectively with customers than those from corporate accounts. Embracing tools and apps such as Hootsuite or EveryoneSocial makes it simple for workers to share project updates, work-related content, and other interesting milestones across their social-media accounts. Empowering your employees to tell your brand’s story can dramatically widen your reach.

Customers trust peers more than they trust you. They also buy from your peers. This applies to B2B marketing, not just B2C. So we’re all in this together.


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