Step 2 of your digital transformation: how to gain company-wide buy-in

This blog is the third in our Digital Transformation series. Before reading on, make sure you check out the previous articles, Digital Transformation: 3 Steps to Getting Started and Step 1 of Your Digital Transformation: Shift your Thinking.

Digital transformation is challenging when your employees and stakeholders keep slowing you down. If your digital strategy is leapfrogging your company culture, you’ll run into problems before you start. Ensuring that your organisation buys into your transformation efforts is key to rolling out digital missives that work. Try these 3 ways to get company buy-in.

Foster digital thinking at an executive level

It’s no use setting the stage for a digital-first culture if management and board members are clinging to the past. Foster digital thinking at an executive level – it’s nothing short of mission-critical.

  • Hire digital experts as senior managers
  • Integrate digital-focused policies, initiatives and metrics with existing structures
  • Commit to a coherent digital vision that you can communicate to staff

Executive management needs to lead by example for the rest of the organisation to get on board.

Close the gap between Marketing and IT

Your CMO and CIO might speak different languages but it’s more essential than ever to bridge this divide. To achieve digital transformation, Marketing and IT will have to collaborate on everything from analytics and CRM systems to email marketing campaigns. Mistrust between these parties is a recipe for disaster.

  • Introduce incentives to create mutual accountability and shared goals
  • Schedule meetings and workshops to drive collaboration and partnership
  • Create a governance framework that spells out how marketing and IT approach important decisions

The strength of this relationship will dictate how digital change plays out.

Turn your staff into digital trailblazers

Note that junior employees are often digital natives that can bring innovation thinking and fresh ideas. Gaining company buy-in depends on your ability to incorporate their perspective.

  • Link KPIs to digital outcomes
  • Host brainstorming sessions to promote digital knowledge
  • Nominate a digital ambassador to champion new initiatives and inspire staff to take part

Turn your staff into digital trailblazers and help avoid internal conflicts.

From bringing digital nous to management to strengthening the CIO-CMO relationship, gaining company buy-in isn’t as hard as you think. Once achieved, your digital journey will gather speed.

This article is part of a 3-step guide to help you start on your digital transformation journey. Digital transformation is an evolving journey that is only possible if you commit to the first steps.

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