How to strike the delicate balance between technology, marketing, and sales

Technology, sales, and marketing – a triumvirate traditionally known for different priorities and interests – need to collaborate if your digital-transformation project is to succeed. But how do you avoid interdepartmental conflict when your company must appear as a united front? Here are three tried-and-tested tips for striking the delicate balance between technology, marketing, and sales.

1. Share goals

Technology, marketing, and sales departments have always operated under separate umbrellas and worked towards individual goals. But our hyperconnected era means that technology platforms now come out of the marketing budget, sales managers depend on CRM software, and the technology function hinges on a customer-centric approach. Businesses must avoid structures that see these departments working in silos and link KPIs to collective results. Encouraging these teams to collaborate is central to getting ahead.

2. Focus on the customer experience

When trying to inspire dialogue between technology, sales, and marketing, concentrating on the customer is key:

  • Make sure that technology, sales, and marketing understand their role in shaping a seamless customer experience.
  • Set shared metrics that help achieve customer-centric outcomes.
  • Invest in systems to ensure that each department has access to customer data in real-time.

Promoting transparency between these departments will reduce chances that your customers will encounter barriers.

3. Learn to speak the same language

Marketers talk about cut-through, and sales managers home in on targets, but the urge to spark customer loyalty and growth drives both departments. To come together around these common goals:

  • Set up regular meetings to increase communication and smooth out potential conflict.
  • Swap department-specific jargon for clear, easy-to-understand language.
  • Incentivise collaboration between staff members from the disparate departments.

Encouraging trust across these departments will help them work together effectively.

From prioritising the customer experience to spearheading shared incentives and goals, a few small strategies can help your departments work towards the bigger picture. How do you strike the balance between marketing, technology, and sales?

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