Jumping to solutions

If you want to master the art of problem-solving, it’s worth taking a leaf out of Einstein’s book. The legendary mathematician understood that jumping to a solution before examining a problem from all angles was not something to aspire to but rather a wasted opportunity. "If I had an hour to solve a problem, I'd spend 55 minutes thinking about the problem and five minutes thinking about solutions,” he famously said.

Taking the time to clearly define problems and treating challenges as learning opportunities are key to developing an innovative mindset and fast-tracking success. But at Squiz, our clients often tell us that their organisations tend to jump to solutions mode before taking the time to identify and qualify the core problem.

Define the problem you’re trying to solve
At Squiz, we believe that instantly arriving at a solution without taking time to clarify your problem is a dangerous practice that can lead you down the wrong path. Before you rally your organisation around an issue, ask yourself if the problem you’re attempting to solve links back to your organisation’s vision and whether it’s something that your company wants to expend time and effort on before expending time and resources.

Once you’ve pondered these questions, take some time to consider the nuances and complexities of the problem you’re grappling with, and don’t be afraid to ask questions and challenge the status quo. The Squiz Roadmap program clearly demonstrates the benefit of taking time to frame the question from the outset.

Frame your problem as an open and positive challenge

Our culture conditions us to believe that problems are inherently ‘bad’. Unfortunately, this black-and-white mentality ignores the fact that problems are also opportunities to learn more about your business and generate truly imaginative ideas. Squiz Roadmap helps you frame your problem as an open and positive challenge and gives you the tools to bring potential insights to life. Skipping the urge to jump to a solution and treating problems as journeys of discovery can alter the course of your business.

Does your company jump to solutions without giving problems their due time and weight? Share your thoughts below.


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