Marketing automation 101: the 4 pronged path to lead conversion

From management to measurement, by understanding the basics of marketing automation, you’ll gain a clear picture of what it takes to convert the uninitiated into customers.

Marketing automation software enables you to more effectively automate, personalise, and analyse marketing campaigns based on predetermined rules designed around who a person is, how they interact with your business, and what their motives are.

And with the technology advancing at an astronomical rate, marketing automation can now help you every step of the way in the marketing process. With it, you can:

  1. Generate sales leads with customised messaging when you start ‘talking’ to potential customers to encourage them to interact with your organisation.
  2. Nurture and personalise these leads by gradually feeding both existing and potential customers more information about your organisation and expertise based on their demographics and interests. On one hand, you’ll cultivate more leads and stronger leads for your sales team. On the other, it’ll help with customer retention and upselling.
  3. Score and manage your leads. By monitoring your customers’ and potential customers’ online behaviour, you can – to a powerful extent – establish their degree of interest in your brand. Likewise, you’ll be able to determine your degree of interest for continuing to pursue them. Is it worth your while? Once you’ve factored in both levels of interest, you can confidently forward appropriate leads to your sales team. You’ll know your team will be well-placed to hold constructive conversations that are more likely to result in conversions.
  4. Analyse and report on your customers. Keep track of every interaction your customers and potential customers have with your organisation. Over time, you’ll gain visibility into where your return on investment (ROI) is coming from and how your marketing efforts are working.

By following this 4-phase approach, you can turn prospects into customers and keep existing clients coming back for more.


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