Matrix 5 is here

Matrix 5 has been a long time coming and we've worked our hardest to include all the newest, shiniest features that'll help you do your job better every single day.

1. Brand spanking new interface

The Matrix user interface has received a long-overdue facelift that brings it into line with other Squiz products. It's clean, modern and even more intuitive than before. We've even made our world-class Edit mode WYSIWYG interface available in Admin mode. Because why should content editors have all the fun?

2. Modern Asset Map

We know this one is a biggie for you, so we made it a priority. The old asset map was in Java, meaning constant plug-in updates and non-compatibility with some browsers (such as everyone's favourite: Chrome). The new asset map is in JavaScript, which means it's more secure, it's faster and it works with all modern browsers.

3. Advanced Personalisation

Do more than you ever could with Context – true personalisation is now here. Set rules based on your objectives and display content in way that is more relevant to your users than ever before. It's easy with our new 'Conditions' feature, which allows you to write your own rules when it comes to giving users what they want, when they want it.

4. Marketing Automation Integration

Getting Marketing Automation to play nice with Matrix is now a cinch – we've built a Marketo Bridge that allows you to plug all that marketing data into Matrix and use it to quietly profile users. It's completely out-of-the-box and it will give you insights that enable real-time segmentation and even better personalisation.

5. Search in Edit Mode

The Edit Mode interface has always been easy to use, but now it's even easier! When you're looking for a piece of content, you no longer need to navigate through the finder because we've added a simple search box to the interface. Now you can edit, publish and approve content quicker than ever.

Sound good? Find out more about Squiz Matrix or get in touch with your Account Manager today!

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