Sense and securability

We have a proud heritage as an open source software company, but we're even prouder of our pedigree as a truly supported and secure solution. For example, being open source doesn't mean that we leave our code open for modification by just anybody; every change is thoroughly vetted by our own teams to ensure the best security for our users.  That's just good sense.

We're the gatekeepers that stand between the security of our clients' systems and the developer in his mum's garage. We reckon that's the best part about our Matrix CMS - you get all the flexibility and financial benefits of open source software with the security and 24/7 support of a commercial product.

For us, it's about being accountable - to ourselves, to our community and, most importantly, to our customers. Most software vendors will give you an SLA (Service Level Agreement) that guarantees the performance of your IT systems. At Squiz, we reckon that's not good enough. That's why we've developed our new Squiz Plus agreements.

A Squiz Plus agreement is not an SLA but a MSA (Master Services Agreement) that delivers a comprehensive set of services and products that are geared to meet your business objectives - not just your IT requirements. A Squiz Plus agreement allows you to package up services like graphic design, strategy, training, support and more, based on your goals.

Of course, all Squiz Plus agreements include the extensive warranties and service level guarantees that you'd find in an SLA - it's just that we've added more. More services, more security, more support, more skin in the game. For clients, it means true peace of mind, because the buck always stops with us.


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