Step 1 of your digital transformation: shift your thinking

This blog is the second in our Digital Transformation series. Before reading on, make sure you check out the first article, Digital Transformation: 3 Steps to Getting Started.

Amazon. Apple. Uber. It’s no coincidence that history’s most disruptive companies are famous for behaviours that would have been unthinkable only ten years ago. However, their dizzying trajectories and rapid customer adoption are also proof that embracing a digital mindset is no longer the domain of startups - it’s central to all businesses health.

Here are some tips on how can can shift your thinking and stay relevant:

Foster a test-and-learn culture

Say goodbye to endless red tape. These days, the ability to foster a test-and-learn culture is your biggest asset:

  • Use real-time insights to respond swiftly to customer problems
  • Embrace the belief that learning is a never-ending process
  • Test new ideas as fast as you can

In the digital age, an appetite for learning isn’t limited to seminars and training sessions. It’s more important to take action than risk never getting it right.

Create incentives for innovation

If you want your employees to shift their thinking, innovation needs to shape the way they work. These days, fresh ideas aren’t exclusive to upper management they will come from all parts of a business:

  • Conduct regular brainstorming sessions, hack-a-thons and incubator programs
  • Encourage collaborative ways of working
  • Introduce incentives for innovation and reward staff who think outside the box

Cultivating a culture of innovation means throwing away old beliefs and habits.

Fail faster

The startup world is ruled by the mantra “fail fast.” Although most businesses face a reality that feels a world away from Silicon Valley, failure is a critical tool. If you want to build customer relationships that go the distance, you have to own your errors:

  • Learn from your mistakes
  • Tailor your actions according to feedback
  • Relentlessly improve

Remember, your failures don’t slow you down. They sow the seeds for your next success.

When you fail, you also learn how not to fail. Soichiro Honda

From working incrementally to valuing innovation, a shift in your thinking can spell big things for your company. Adopt a digital mindset and move one step closer to change.

This article is part of a 3-step guide to help you start on your digital transformation journey. Check out the first piece in the series: Digital Transformation: 3 Steps to Getting Started.

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