Squiz acquires InsightfulCRM

Users. Customers. Citizens. Visitors. No matter what you call them, there's no doubt that they're the most important part of your digital strategy. The businesses that are winning the digital game are those that are putting their customers at the heart of their business.

We recognise that customer-centricity isn't just a trend - it's an imperative for organisations that want to outpace the competition and build customer loyalty and retention. That's why we've been evolving the entire Squiz offering over the past twelve months to include what we call our 'Customer Experience Platform' (CXP) approach.

We see a CXP as being the consolidation and simplification of many disparate bits of marketing technology into one streamlined, integrated platform comprised of Matrix CMS, digital leadership platform, Roadmap and Funnelback search.

Squiz already has expertise in personalisation and marketing automation through our partnership with Marketo but our expertise around CRM has been limited… until now.

That's why we're proud to announce the acquisition of InsightfulCRM. InsightfulCRM have more than eight years' experience in large-scale implementations of SugarCRM, making them the perfect fit in our CXP solution. With this acquisition, Squiz will become SugarCRM's largest Platinum Partner in the world.

Squiz offers a holistic customer experience solution that incorporates services such as UX, strategy, design and implementation with key technologies such as CMS, marketing automation, enterprise search and now CRM (including SugarCRM, Salesforce and others). This will empower our clients to truly know and understand their users and build websites and communication strategies that speak to them on a one to one level.

Too abstract? Try an example. Say you're a university, with tens of thousands of students. Imagine if you could build your website on a CMS that integrates with your internal databases and harnesses intelligent search to push out the most relevant information directly to your website based on predefined personas such as undergrad, postgrad, alumni and staff. Then imagine that you could take each individual profile that's stored in your CRM and connect it with the CMS, as well as your marketing automation software, to send out communications that speak directly to those users, taking into account all their history on your website and all prior interactions. It's the holy grail of marketing, and it's here.

Suffice it to say that, with InsightfulCRM on board, we're now able to offer a complete solution that puts the customer at the heart of your organisation. Get in touch today to find out more.

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