Squiz Q&A with Implementation Specialist, Vincent Manera

This week, we caught up with Vincent Manera, one of Perth, Australia’s Implementation Specialists.

Squiz: In which office are you based?

Manera: Perth.

How long have you had the pleasure of working for Squiz?

11 months.

What was your path here?

I had previous Matrix experience from my past life working in the public sector. I enjoyed working in Matrix and jumped at the opportunity to come to Squiz.

What do you get up to on an average day?

After getting myself dangerously caffeinated, my day boils down to knocking things off my prioritised list and getting stuff done! It can be really difficult to sum up an ‘average’ day at Squiz because there really is a lot of variety in what I can spend my day doing.

I spend a majority of my time working in Matrix. Sometimes this means laying things out in HTML but this extends into figuring out integrations with 3rd party systems. Recently, I have been taking on more extensive Funnelback implementations which has been really exciting for me!

What’s great about being an Implementation Specialist?

Every day provides its own challenge. I enjoy the opportunity to grow my technical skill-set and work on a pretty broad range of projects all with their own unique requirements.  

What’s been your best day at Squiz so far?

The best day I had was the 'Squiz Hackday' I participated in back in July this year. Working with the team at the Perth office, we got to think outside of the box and implement Matrix and Funnelback in a very unconventional way.

At a very close second place comes the day that I caught an Alakazam outside of the Perth Squiz office! #goteamvalor

Is there any advice that you’d give anyone who wanted to do something similar?

Jump in head first! This is the kind of role that will really flex your problem solving skills. Having a technical skill-set is useful of course, but everything can be learnt! Really the main prerequisites for this job is a great attitude and a willingness to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty (...well proverbially speaking anyway).

What did you want to be when you grew up?

As a kid I spent a lot of time tinkering with my 486 computer. Suffice to say I had a vague idea I would end up working with computers.

What one thing do you wish you had (skill, thing or other)?

I’ve always regretted that I never learned another language. I have two sisters who are both multilingual and i’m the odd one out. With that said, there’s always time...

When you’re not in the office, where do you most like being?

If I’m not at work I don’t like to sit in front of a computer. I do swing dancing and am a bit of a gym rat.

What was the last song you listened to?

Nikes - Frank Ocean

What’s something random about yourself?

Despite the fact that I cannot sing, I love karaoke!

Finally, why Squiz?

Squiz has given me the opportunity to work with a pretty varied range of tech and with some great people.

Vincent will be tweeting his week at work at @lifeatsquiz from 3-7 October - follow along to see what he gets up to during the week.

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