Squiz Summit 2016 - the report

On the 8th of September, we were delighted to welcome some 225 attendees to our Squiz Summit 2016 in Sydney, Australia.

Gathering leading digital talent from within Squiz, as well as our customers and beyond, the delegates spent the day at The Ivy discussing the latest developments in the digital world, as well as new features in Squiz Matrix, Funnelback and the wider CX arena.

During the morning keynote, Squiz Founder and CEO John-Paul Syriatowicz unveiled a new Squiz-owned company ‘Ikabo’; our new Squiz Intranet technology; and a new technology platform for the Public Sector, built in partnership with Verint.

Ikabo - a name originating from the Zulu word for ‘idea’ - is the successor to Squiz Roadmap, and is launching as a new Squiz business unit aimed at allowing us to develop and offer our customers an even better, more efficient, strategic tool for leaders to drive change within their business. Ikabo will be lead by Cindy Lenferna de la Motte who will, with the support of her team of experts, help you to create an innovative culture within your organisation.

Squiz’s new Digital Workplace Intranet Platform, called Squiz Intranet, is an innovative new solution - built out of our experience in launching similar products in both Australia and the UK - to answer the needs of today’s digital-first organisations. The tool puts emphasis on giving ‘power to people’, transforming their working environment into a ‘digital workplace’ by providing them with the tools necessary to collaborate, share and innovate.

Finally, during the morning’s keynote presentation, John-Paul Syriatowicz walked us through the recent partnership between Squiz and Verint and the resulting product, our ‘Digital Citizen’ solution. A combination of skills, consultancy expertise and technology, the solution enables government organisations to provide truly digital-first services to their users simply, driving channel shift and meeting their digital transformation goals.

WIthout a doubt, it was a very successful day and look out for more news and coverage of what went on at Squiz Summit 2016 - we hope to see you there next time!

Squiz is now offering a full range of products, tools and packaged solutions that can take advantage of the existing platforms that customers may already have and allow you to get more value quickly without compromising your ability to customise and meet your various business needs.

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