Creating content that resonates

Stories show us the similarities between our own experiences and others', enabling us to engage more deeply. That’s why the ability to tell a good story is enormously powerful when it comes to creating website content, it cuts to the core of who we are as humans. However, businesses often miss the opportunity to foster a connection with their customers by not communicating their narrative in a compelling way. Here are 3 tips designed to help you tell your best story (and heighten your customer engagement).

Create your story

Most businesses are shaped by employees with different ideas, insights and views. Consolidating these perspectives to decide on a single narrative that sums up the business can feel like a recipe for disaster. The key is to collaborate early to;

  1. Foster a dialogue across departments
  2. Resolve conflicting ideas about your business narrative
  3. Decide on one story that sums up your company’s values, priorities and goals

Know your competitors’ story

It’s important that you understand the stories your competitors are telling before you craft the best narrative for yourself. After all, your website content should make you stand out and highlight the strength of your offering to customers.

It’s also wise to avoid replicating a rival’s message or passing off their story as your own. The best stories are those that are authentic and original – customers can detect imitators a mile away.

Know your audience

Although deciding on a single narrative is important, it’s vital to know whether it’s one that customers want to hear.

-  Know who your audience is
-  Research and understand their interests, hopes and needs
-  Workshop your draft website content with people who reflect this demographic

The most successful stories are those that start a relationship with your customer and this should be a two-way street.

Although your website content conveys key information about your business, it’s also a vehicle for communicating your message, vision and purpose. Knowing how to tell your best story can turn potential customers into a captive audience.


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