The geek speak glossary: a guide to tech acronyms #1

If you’ve noticed that the digital world speaks in acronyms and buzzwords, you’re not alone.

To help you make sense of this space we’ve taken common tech terms and broken down what they mean. Enter your cheater’s guide to geek speak.


API is short for Application Programming Interface: a group of functions that allows a software application to communicate with other applications. For example, Google Maps APIs make it easy for developers to embed Google Maps on webpages using JavaScript or Flash, while YouTube API enables video content to be hosted on external websites.


A CMS or Content Management System is software that allows users to manage and publish content such as blog posts, webpages, images and documents. Sometimes, this term is substituted with WCMS or Web Content Management System.

Customer Journey

The customer journey describes the total set of experiences a customer encounters whilst engaging with your brand, spanning any combination of online or offline touchpoints.


Personalisation relates to the process of using technology to identify what a user is looking for and serving up relevant content in real-time. This is possible when a software platform can analyse customer data such as purchasing history, demographic information, location and browsing behaviour.

Open Source

Open Source is a term that applies to software that’s often free to download and customise to suit your business needs. It’s a cost-effective, scalable alternative to proprietary software - such as Adobe or Microsoft - that’s often subject to pricey licensing fees and other restrictions.


UX or User Experience is the experience a user has when they’re engaging with your product, service or website online. It also refers to the science of researching users’ needs and preferences, as well as the implementation of a user-centered strategy that can achieve goals, such as conversions.

Buzzwords can be intimidating but they don’t have to slow you down. Cut through the geek speak and find definitions that make sense to you.


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