How technology drives creativity: the new breed of digital agency

Not just paintbrushes and pixels

Too many people think of 'creativity' as a domain reserved for graphic designers, copywriters, art directors and so on; it's easy to do when you work in the marketing sphere.

So you might be surprised to read the dictionary's definition of creativity: "the use of imagination or original ideas to create something; inventiveness." To put it plainly, creativity is the having of ideas.

Technology, the great enabler

Sometimes, having an original idea is the easy part. Making that idea a reality is where the hard work comes in. If you don't believe us, just ask director James Cameron, who had to wait 20 years and take it into his own hands to invent the 3D technology for his film, Avatar.

So if creativity is about ideas, technology is about bringing those ideas to life. Technology has become the great enabler of creativity. And when you put the two together, you get innovation.

The old way: Technology OR Creativity

There are so many types of agencies these days: advertising, design, digital, integrated, social media, SEO, SEM, content, branding, experiential, web development. We could go on forever (or at least for a few more lines).

Some agencies are concerned only with creativity - coming up with a cool new slogan or 'evolving' your logo. Others prefer to stick with the technology side of things, writing code or developing apps. But when you've only got one half of the equation, it's difficult to get the right result.

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The new way: Technology AND Creativity

Some agencies are shunning the old labels and cutting a new path. They are hybrid agencies - equal parts ideas and implementation. They can take a crazy new idea and then use their own resources to develop a technological solution. This is where innovation happens.

These agencies are blazing a trail for clients who want the best of both worlds: an agency that is unbound by either technology or creativity. An agency that can both invent and deliver.

The Squiz Approach

It's our mission to fulfill the promise of the hybrid agency. We're committed to encouraging creativity across the board and working closely with our R&D team to build solutions that enable those ideas.

In fact, we're so committed that we developed a product that takes ideas from all over our organisation, as well as from our clients, and makes them heard across the business. It's the way we've always worked, and it's the way we'll continue to work.

We see creativity as 'thinking outside the box' so we develop technology to make that box a little bigger each time.

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