When technology is bad news for the customer experience

With our world becoming increasingly digital and customer’s expectations rising constantly, it has now been firmly established that technology is essential to providing an excellent CX. Whether this is a CRM providing you with a single view of the customer, or Marketing Automation allowing you to interact with your customers in an engaging, personalized way, the right combination of tech is vital if you want to meet your customer expectations.

But (and this is a big but), if all you have is tech then you may have a problem on your hands. Without the other key ingredients this (expensive) technology investment will ultimately fall flat, and may actually hinder the overall customer experience as opposed to enhance it.

There are many other key elements that will ensure the success of your technology investment. To name a few:

  • A strong understanding of your vision and objectives, both short and long term.
  • Clear leadership from the top-down.
  • Company-wide buy-in with clarity of goals across departments – a siloed approached will not cut it!
  • A firm understanding of your customers needs and how exactly this technology investment will meet, and exceed, those needs

In short, not having a clear strategy or roadmap in place prior to investing in technology puts your investment, as well as your customer’s experience at risk.

With no clear leadership and strategy in place, your staff will spend the majority of the time trying to figure out exactly how they are supposed to be using this tech (with some opting to simply not use it at all), and your customer will be left wanting more.

Without customer-centric processes being established prior to investing in the technology different departments, different offices, will take different approaches when using it. This siloed approach to the customer experience will leave your customer with an inconsistent view of your organization, as opposed to a seamless one.

An automated task in your CRM is not going to improve your customer experience if you don’t understand your customer’s journey from start to finish. Nor is an email with someone’s name on it going to make the customer experience great.

Relying on the technological functionality, as opposed to taking the time to understand your customer first and foremost, is a fatal error in Digital Transformation. Don’t let the marketing-hype distract you from what really matters: your customer.

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