Where are your leads coming from?

When we’re talking about marketing technology, there are three critical pillars of the marketing machine:

Integrating these three entities is key to your business if you want to be able to join the dots, with leads coming into the business through your website and eventually generating revenue for the business. For success, you have to close the circle on where your leads are coming from and what’s bringing revenue into the business.

It’s all well and good to have a website that has content on it and features a form that allows people to contact the company or to download a piece of material. But if the marketing-technology systems aren’t integrated effectively, the business will not be aware of which marketing activities are leading to the most revenue.

Going back to the source

So if you consider the website as the entry point for a lead into the business (and into the sales funnel), it’s vital that you understand how people got to your website – how they found you – so you can measure the effectiveness of one marketing activity over another. It’s not as simple as putting a piece of content out there and hoping that people come to it (though you’ve got to do that, too). In drawing people to that content, through your activities, you’ve got to make sure that:

  • links pointing to the content are tagged appropriately
  • you have systems in place on the website that capture the information about where visitors have come from
  • this information flows all the way through to the CRM.

This is all so that eventually, when that lead becomes a customer, you can attribute the revenue generated from that customer all the way back to the activity that generated the lead in the first place. Because if you can’t source that information, you can’t:

  • make decisions on what’s working and what’s not
  • calibrate your future marketing activities
  • choose to funnel your investment in one direction versus another.

For example, you might be spending way too much effort on Facebook advertising, when really, LinkedIn is where your leads are coming from – that platform is more appropriate to your target audience. But you can’t guess; you really have to analyse the data to make those decisions.

So proper integration and awareness of the source of your leads are fundamental to today’s digital-marketing activities. And they’re critical to your marketing team being able to make informed decisions about marketing spend.

Does your business know where it gets its leads from? And are you measuring them in a CRM system?


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