Why you should invest in digital learning

The dawn of the Internet Age has seen change unfold at breakneck speed. Just a decade ago, organisations could make decisions based on age-old business wisdom, but these days, the ability to absorb and act on real-time customer insight is intrinsic to survival. For business leaders, committing to ongoing education is key to making agile decisions and staying ahead of the curve. Here’s why you should invest in digital learning.

Make digital education a priority

You can’t lead a digitally focused organisation if your employees are out of the loop. It’s important to:

  • Schedule training sessions with digital partners and experts
  • Encourage information exchanges between different departments
  • Make sure your senior employees are adept at using technology to meet business goals.

If you don’t put energy into training and governance, you’re more likely to squander your digital budget.

Put cyber-savviness at the heart of your organisation

The internet might have disrupted the way you do business, but it’s also created a new form of threat. According to a September 2015 report by Grant Thornton Global, one in six businesses around the world have experienced a cyber attack in the last 12 months, with damages estimated at $US 315 billion. That’s why it’s worth:

  • Educating your team about cyber-security measures
  • Keeping up with online-safety issues
  • Regularly assessing your staff members’ knowledge and making sure their understanding of cyber security evolves.

Prioritising cyber education in the present can safeguard your business in the future.

Ensure that upper-management champion are aware of new platforms and channels

Although all levels of the organisation should embrace digital learning, it’s important that your decision-makers keep abreast of technological and digital shifts. Understanding changes in customer behaviour is key to establishing a strategy that will reap rewards over time.


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