Why your CMS needs to respond to business growth (and not strangle it)

Anyone who’s part of the modern-day business world will tell you that, these days, industries move at the speed of light.

Often, the ability to pivot when the competition demands it, roll out changes with minimum friction, and communicate new directions with your staff members and clients are key to achieving that competitive edge.

It’s easy to forget that your content-management system (CMS) isn’t just a platform – it can help you quickly adjust to new imperatives and adapt to shifting business needs.

But if you don’t take the time to get to know its tools, features, and functions, chances are you’re missing opportunities to get ahead.

So, what are the tools and features of Squiz Matrix – Squiz’s flagship CMS product – that are worth getting to know?

A pain-free way to customise your content

“Content templates offer an extremely powerful way for you to customise your content-management aspect for individual module blocks,” Bart explains. “For example, if you’re creating a page and you want to add a bunch of text to the top and insert an image gallery, video, or even a Google map below, you can make a content template that’s completely customisable and solves those specific content-authoring needs.”

According to Bart, this makes the content-management process so much easier: “It’s really a must-use feature to take advantage of.”

Actioning important changes, fast

We all know that editing content can drain time and resources, particularly if your interface isn’t conducive to tweaking styles or making minor changes.

Luckily, Edit+ – a user-friendly editing interface that offers premium content-editing functions as well as accessibility auditing that complies with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 standards – makes this process a breeze. “Edit+ tailors all content to your website,” Bart says. “You can do things like customise your asset creation wizard and add custom styles and CSS [cascading style sheet] classes to your editor that your users can simply select from a list. You can also create user-friendly page templates that everyone can use to fast-track page creation.”

Putting tricks and tutorials at your fingertips

Making the most of your CMS isn’t just about a deep knowledge of tools and functions. It’s also about being able to get up-to-the-minute assistance with your problems and keeping tabs on things that develop and change.

Bart says that the new Matrix Community website is an essential asset for users hoping to unlock the product’s potential. It’s also a portal for getting help from Squiz experts and fellow users and schooling yourself in new ways to use the product. “We publish news, templates, resources such as tutorials, and best-practice tips,” he says. “It also features a community forum, where users can swap tips and share troubleshooting advice. It’s extremely useful.”

How does your CMS stack up in the customisation and content editing stakes?

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