Women’s Institute revamps website for 100th birthday

We're proud to have appeared in this fantastic article from NetImperative.

You can read our excerpt here or head on over to their site for the full piece.

The Women’s Institute (WI) has partnered with Squiz, the digital transformation company, to create a responsive website that engages with its members, and enables easy on-the-go promotion.

Squiz initiated a digital transformation campaign which enabled:

* Easier site navigation to support basic information sharing with members, visitors and prospects across the WI website.

* A mobile responsive site to appeal to WI members using mobile and tablets on the go who wanted a slicker, more dynamic set of content services.

* Greater consistency with the look and feel of the WI brand to ensure that the aesthetics of the digital project matched the great work that WI does.

* Upskilling of the WI federation via video content, step-by-step documents and general support to allow everyone to use the new technology.

In the first month the WI reported a 22% rise in traffic, a 23% rise in new users and a 20% rise in tablet/mobile users. The digital transformation campaign has been so successful that the WI is now exploring even more new ways to innovate their site and boost member engagement

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