Your tech stack tutorial

What are the essential components of a technology stack, and what can they do for you – and your customers?

A smart technology stack serves as the basis for any customer-experience platform (CXP)  worth its salt. By combining the right elements, you can not only knock down silos within your organisation and galvanise your team, but also create and deliver the ultimate in customer experiences.

Just what are the right elements for your tech stack?

CMS software

First, you need a formidable and agile CMS. This system must not only work together with your existing systems, but also be able to easily evolve – and grow – with your company.

Here’s what else to look for in a solid CMS:

  • customisation capabilities
  • usability in general, and user-friendly content-editing functionality in particular
  • real-time segmentation
  • effective workflow.

Search functionality

You also need an effective search engine – one that can deliver smart, customised, and compelling user experiences. Again, it should work together cohesively with your CMS software and your existing (and likely growing) content arsenal.


Of course, you mustn’t forget to add CRM to the mix. A quality CRM always has your customers’ best interests at heart and keeps them as the focal point of your business. What’s more, a CRM can help get your customer-service, sales, and marketing teams all on the same page. By aligning your team and integrating a CRM into your tech stack – connecting it with your search engine, CMS, and marketing-automation technology – you can gain valuable insights into your customers and potential customers. Then, you can use that information to provide them with a better experience. You’ll keep them coming – and coming back!

Marketing-automation technology

Automate and tailor your marketing campaigns for both customers and potential customers by making sure your tech stack includes the right marketing-automation technology. Working in conjunction with the rest of your CXP, marketing automation lets you gauge the effectiveness of your campaign efforts and adjust accordingly. Look for a product that allows for:

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