Your tech toolkit for digital transformation

To implement a truly successful (that is, revenue-generating) digital transformation, you need four essential building blocks – and you need them working well and working together.

The tech tools

So with all the technology at our disposal, just what is the magic formula? Turns out, it’s an awesome foursome of familiar tech tools:

  1. Content-management systems (CMSs), which allow companies (or people) to control, update, and improve their content and websites.
  2. Search functionality. Believe it or not, there are some frontiers that Google didn’t cross. When companies started to realise that the super-searcher couldn’t reach deep enough into their networked databases, the smart ones implemented customised search functions to give users access to the information they needed or wanted.
  3. Marketing-automation software, which helps marketers more efficiently do their jobs and more successfully track campaigns.
  4. Customer-relationship-management (CRM) systems, which give some transparency and insight to the sales team and enable them to better manage their relationships.

Component cooperation

Individually, each of these tools has brought something valuable to the sales and marketing – and, ultimately, the digital-transformation – table. But it’s not about just having and using these individual components. It’s about how you configure them, and how they collaborate.

In some cases, companies already have one or more of these systems working together – their marketing-automation software and their CRM, for example. But it’s by fusing all of these specific and distinct nuts and bolts that you can really strengthen your digital-transformation efforts. And in so doing, you create a sales and marketing machine that will propel customer-centric interactions and see you surpassing your lead-generation and revenue goals.


What’s more, you must fuse them properly. Historically, trying to get these 4 tools working together has been either too difficult or not agile enough. However, if you get it right these modules create a robust technological backbone for your digital transformation strategy onto which you can grow.


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