The Challenge

ARANZ Geo is an innovative young tech company that develops 3D geological modelling solutions for the mining, geothermal and hydrogeology industries. Its revolutionary 3D geological modelling software is used by some of the world's leading mining companies.

Since launching the product in 2004, the Christchurch-based company has established Leapfrog support offices in Asia/Pacific, Africa, South America, North America and Europe. More than fifty staff work out of the New Zealand headquarters and a further 35 are located across a network of local support offices around the globe.

When ARANZ Geo approached Squiz, their first class software products lacked a strong and comprehensive online marketing presence. They had three light brochure sites sitting on a heavily customised Joomla platform that lacked functionality and flexibility.

Consolidating three sites

ARANZ Geo wanted to merge these websites into the one product website,, on a CMS platform that would grow with their organisation. It needed to be reliable, fast, support other languages, and enable their website to be easily found through improved SEO. Their non-technical publishers required a simple user-friendly editing interface that included workflow. The ability to provide dynamic content and automate some backend processes was also a prerequisite.

Putting the customer first

Most importantly, ARANZ Geo wanted to provide their customers with a best-in-class online experience and repurpose their website to be the focal point for their digital marketing strategy. This would require improving the overall user experience of their website, making it easier for people to evaluate their software products and maximise the site's ability to generate leads, which up to this point had been constrained by simplistic form functionality that did not integrate with the CRM.

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The Solution

Squiz Matrix

Many of ARANZ Geo's issues were resolved by consolidating their micro sites into the one website on a single instance of Squiz Matrix CMS. Robust and powerful, this enterprise-class CMS has laid the foundation from which ARANZ Geo has launched its digital marketing strategy and met its business objectives.

It's been instrumental in improving SEO, sped up and simplified the content management process, opened doors into new markets, easily integrated with third party tools, and been able to deliver content across multiple devices.

Dynamism and findability through metadata

Matrix allows editors to easily create and update section or page-specific metadata and have it displayed in the HTML source code , so it's easier for to be found on the web. ARANZ Geo also uses metadata in a way that generates snippets of latest news items on the homepage, site-maps update automatically when changes to navigation are made, and time-specific events are auto-archived after they have run.

Easy Edit Suite

Squiz Matrix's user-friendly interface, Easy Edit Suite, has allowed ARANZ Geo's marketing staff to add content and maintain certain sections of the website with little training and knowledge of HTML. The ability to easily apply workflow to these sections allows ARANZ Geo to monitor their content to ensure it complies with web standards and inhouse style guidelines before being published.

Better CRM through better technology

ARANZ Geo now handles most customer enquiries and software evaluation requests by using a third party JavaScript plugin that is embedded into the website. This plugin, which integrated seamlessly with Squiz Matrix, feeds into ARANZ Geo's CRM. Its introduction has dramatically increased efficiency and streamlined the online sales funnel. It is now much easier to measure and track performance and attend to customer enquiries in a timelier manner.

Landing pages with a purpose

Product-specific landing pages and well-signposted destinations for the free software evaluations provide potential and current customers with all they need to know about Leapfrog. Interested parties are funnelled into one of three possible calls to action: contacting ARANZ, evaluating, or buying the software. ARANZ Geo also utilised Search Engine Marketing using LinkedIn and Google to further improve the uptake of evaluations and develop greater awareness of their product offerings.

Responsive web design

Realising many of their global markets and customers were adopting new mobile technologies, ARANZ Geo made sure their new site delivered a great user experience for visitors using mobiles or tablets. Using HTML5, CCS3 and JavaScript, Squiz designed a responsive website with a user-friendly interface that provides users with all their content regardless of device.

The Result

Taking this holistic, yet focused, approach to optimising has generated spectacular results for ARANZ Geo. Since the re-launch, unique visitors have increased by at least 350% and organic traffic is up by 200%.

Most significantly, we've seen a massive 850% increase in the capture of enquiries and lead generation.

These figures tell the story of how one customer can harness the power Squiz Matrix's advanced functions and features to boost their marketing efforts and see great results.

As ARANZ Geo moves forward with ambitious plans for e-commerce, a customer portal, multilingual sites, blogging, and an increased social media presence, it is fast becoming the thought leader in its industry - with a little help from Squiz of course.

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