The Story

The Contractors Health and Safety Scheme (CHAS) is a third party accreditation organisation. Its role is to set industry standards against recognised benchmarks in an often complex and ever-changinghealth and safety environment. Suppliers must complete assessments against health and safety processes to demonstrate they are ‘ready to serve’ and are then included in the CHAS database. Over 900 buyers rely on this as part of their procurement process.

The system has already improved the way we communicate with suppliers; we’ve been able to completely transform our online customer engagement experience. The processes implemented to support the system have immediately improved the relationship between marketing and sales, streamlining our workflow, helping to deliver on our business objectives and goals.
Dermot Maurer
Head of Marketing

The Challenge

CHAS approached Marketo and Squiz to help them with their renewals program and automate elements of their marketing.

One of the key challenges CHAS faced was to reduce churn when communicating to over 27000 suppliers whose certifications required renewal. It’s imperative that these suppliers complete an annual assessment to remain in the database for another year.

CHAS also wanted to further shift their marketing efforts online to create more effective online experiences that support, enhance and replace some of the focus previously placed on events that generated new business opportunities.

Having previously positive experiences using marketing automation tools, CHAS’s Managing Director, Ian McKinnon, shortlisted Marketo. As a key global partner, Marketo engaged Squiz to deliver the project given our vast experience working on government and private sector projects globally.

The Solution

Following the engagement on the project, Squiz and CHAS collaborated to plan how they could effectively use Marketo to meet their goals.

Automating the monotonous
Implementing Marketing Automation software enabled CHAS to simply address certification renewal through automating reminder emails to suppliers – issued with sufficient time to reapply for inclusion in the database.

Greater communication
Marketo enables CHAS to regularly communicate with suppliers about activities and changes that affect their assessments, as well as to notify buyers about other services offered by CHAS.

Gathering more and better information about a prospect, buyer or supplier means CHAS can set-up campaigns with tailored messaging relevant for each target’s interests and requirements. They often link to personalised landing pages or specific areas of the website to make the customer experience as easy as possible.

Better data collection
Marketo has enabled CHAS to collect more detailed and accurate information from their service users and buyers via online forms. This has enabled them to convert more opportunities, as well as give buyers a more accurate list of potential suppliers based on their needs, improving their customer experiences and delivering more personalised responses.

The Results

The marketing automation solution has opened up a whole range of new opportunities for CHAS to engage with suppliers, buyers and prospects.

The solution has reduced churn, increased conversions and has been the catalyst to delivering better experiences across all of CHAS’s online channels. Online renewal rates have doubled, demonstrating a significant improvement for an organisation that once focused primarily on events and offline business generation.

The Marketing Team is now self-sufficient and able to further develop the Marketo instance. Next steps include creating nurturing programs with multiple streams and scoring to guide prospects through the sales funnel. There’s also a plan to use the tools to improve social reach and influence with dedicated landing pages, calls to action and forms – this is just the beginning!

The Technology

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