The Challenge

After a long run with an ageing web site, CIMIC Group were looking to take the next step in their digital strategy. Their vision was to provide a solid digital presence for their current and future marketing programs by leveraging all that modern web has to offer. They wanted to do this with the backing of a digital partner that could stay one step ahead of the game.

CIMIC Group came to the table with an extensive strategy that would overhaul every pixel of their site. Their vision detailed a highly-intuitive user experience set within a contemporary design. And they wanted to unveil it at their upcoming Annual General Meeting... In a few weeks' time.

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The Solution

Quick off the mark, Squiz fused its expert User Experience, Information Architecture, Design, Technical Consulting and Project Management skills to devise a strategy and plan that would see CIMIC Group launch their website in a record-breaking time frame.

Agile delivery

With years of experience in agile Project Management, Squiz was able to skilfully condense what should have been months of work into a timeframe of weeks. With careful risk analysis and quality assurance, Squiz managed to incorporate new features and ideas into the project right up until the buzzer rang.

A strong user focus

Driven by the in-house User Experience Team at Squiz, a strong user focus was ingrained across all areas of the new web site. Our team drew upon their extensive expertise as well as a solid foundation of research and multiple stakeholder workshops to deliver a user experience that exceeds expectations.

Stunning design

With the creative vision of both companies, Squiz was able to craft a modern, fluid design that intrinsically communicates the CIMIC Group brand whilst boosting usability and encouraging user engagement. Cutting-edge technology and design trends combined with rich media and engaging fonts were leveraged across the site to make it stand out from the crowd.

Data migration in the blink of an eye

Using tried and true Squiz technologies, thousands of publications, media releases and ASX announcements and videos dating back to the 1960s were migrated into the new site with ease. Understanding the importance of data integrity, Squiz ensured that Leighton Holdings could easily review and polish this data as it made its way into its new home.

Content at its best

As users of the web, we all know that content is king. Creating content, however, is no walk in the park. Squiz was able to provide CIMIC Group with a comprehensive content strategy coupled with reliable toolkits and guidelines for content creation. This gave the passionate and creative team at Leighton Holdings a streamlined path to authoring their own brilliant content. Matrix's intuitive Edit+ interface then allowed the team to rapidly create, edit and publish content with ease.

The Result

Here at Squiz we believe that every digital solution is a living entity that should continually respond and adapt to evolving business objectives, marketing strategies and user requirements.

From the day of Go Live, Squiz and CIMIC Group have been in constant contact and discussion as both parties continually analyse user behaviour and emerging web trends and technologies to improve the effectiveness of CIMIC Group's digital presence.

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