The Challenge

Pruszków had a website which hadn't been modernised for over 8 years. The website was visually unattractive and uninviting. Website components were outdated and didn't meet users' needs. There was no responsive design and no access via mobile devices. Due to this, the website didn't fulfil its communication and commercial goals.

Pruszków's website didn't have a content management system either.

The Solution

After having analysed client's needs and expectations, Squiz proposed a modern design based on configurable blocks adjusted to the needs of specific target groups. Communication was supported with an intuitive calendar with a list of current events.

Squiz optimised and developed a new information structure, thus making the entire portal more accessible and straightforward to users.

The Content Management System (CMS) was based on Squiz Matrix. This significantly simplified the process of modifying, adding and publishing elements on the homepage and all subpages.

The Result

Pruszków's new website went live in October 2014 in accordance with all client's requirements.

In the new version:

  • Pruszków's image refreshed and rebranded
  • Structure and content adjusted to standards
  • Responsiveness (RWD) and accessibility (WCAG 2.0 / UX)
  • Quick access to key information for particular target groups
  • Easier management for the administrator and editors who add content (CMS)
  • Increased web traffic and interest in the municipality's areas of operation

Customer quote:

"Squiz understood Pruszków's needs very clearly and acted methodically and in a timely manner. Squiz delegated qualified and open-minded representatives for communicating with us."
- Monika Michlewicz, implementation coordinator, Office for Promotion and Culture of the city of Pruszków

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