The Challenge

As the primary telecommunications industry body in Australia, Communications Alliance is responsible for creating policy and driving innovation for industry development and growth. Communications Alliance has been working with Squiz since the early 2000s, where Squiz relaunched their website on Matrix.

Communications Alliance is tasked with providing a unified voice for the industry, with their broad and vast audience ranging from the largest telecoms companies in Australia, through to legal representatives and satellite providers. Their website plays a key role in providing crucial information on industry guidelines and standards, as well as events and committees to foster development and growth.

The small but agile team at Communications Alliance began to notice a shift in their industry. A new generation of members was emerging, consequenting in rising user expectations around their digital experiences.

Communications Alliance saw this as an important opportunity to spark change. They wanted to provide their members with a refreshed and modern digital experience, without drastically changing the user journey.

The Solution

Squiz was commissioned by Communications Alliance to provide a reskin of their existing website built on Matrix. The website had last been redesigned in 2008, so it was the perfect time to bring the website look and feel into the next generation.

An internal operations working committee ensured that all of Communications Alliance’s needs, both internal and member, had been accounted for. Working closely with Communications Alliance, we developed an improved creative concept to make their vision come to life. Having a working committee meant Squiz had internal buy-in from the get-go, allowing the project to progress efficiently with confidence that the concepts would achieve the organisation’s goals.

The new designs display content beautifully and intuitively. It was important that members could easily find content they previously accessed on the old site. Key areas such as hot topics, membership, news, events and publications were brought to the forefront. New imagery was introduced to showcase an industry that is undergoing rapid change and innovation and to empower members for this change.

Squiz provided creative designs, which included concepts and template design, front end development for both mobile and desktop and functional implementation on Matrix. During the re-skin, Squiz also implemented a Matrix upgrade which included more streamlined editing interface to empower the Communications Alliance team to be active contributors to the website.

The Result

Feedback following the website reskin has been nothing but positive. Members thoroughly enjoy the refreshed look and feel, while appreciating that they can still easily locate the content they need. Navigation is effortless and what was once a ‘blue link heavy’ website is now a leading example.

The website re-skin showcases Communication Alliance’s growth and solidifies their position as an innovative and influential leader in the telecoms industry. The simple re-skin has been a seamless step for Communications Alliance to undertake, without the pressure of a full website transformation. Squiz and Communications Alliance continue to work together to deliver innovative solutions to transform the organisation for a digital future.

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