The Story

The E10 OK campaign is part of an initiative driven by the Queensland Government’s Department of Energy and Water Supply (DEWS) to promote E10 petrol in line with the state’s biofuel mandate being introduced in January 2017.

The campaign won an 'AMY' (the awards of the Digital+ Technology Collective, formerly the Australian Interactive Media Industry Association) for 2017's 'Best Digitally Led Marketing Campaign - Government & Not-for-Profit’.

E10 is a fuel blend made from up to 10% ethanol and 90% unleaded petrol. Many modern vehicles can safely run the fuel, but owners are often unaware of the fuel or unsure whether their vehicle can run it.

To address this, DEWS commissioned Ogilvy Brisbane to formulate an educational campaign to drive people to a website, created by Squiz, that lets them check their car’s compatibility with E10.

“The Squiz team were very excited about the project and stepped up to the plate, which proved infectious and made the process of delivering the site collaborative and great.”
Rino Breebaart

The Challenge

Preliminary research showed the main barrier to E10 uptake was the lack of awareness and uncertainties around compatibility.

It was decided that a web-based E10 compatibility check using a vehicle’s registration plate, would be central to the campaign. The site would also need to provide further information about the fuel and where they can find it.

A uniquely digital tool (quite possibly the first of its kind in the world), the online biofuel compatibility checker faced a number of challenges:

The integration of several different database sources to cross-check the details of more than 3.5 million vehicles to deliver the correct result.

As a highly focused mobile campaign, the site needed to be responsive to every device, but having a mobile-first strategy.

Look-up and browsing had to be quick enough to provide a result to the driver in a matter of seconds, ensuring an effortless user experience.

Due to the volume of traffic expected, the site needed to be robust and capable of handling large spikes during peak times.

The site must provide map integration so drivers could see E10 locations near them.

The Solution

The Squiz team worked collaboratively with DEWS to provide a responsive and quick solution that is able to crunch the numbers of multiple databases in just a few seconds.

The design and information architecture of the website had already been formulated, so Squiz took the plans and built them in to Squiz’s Matrix CMS platform. Matrix CMS is highly flexible and offers responsive design as standard, fulfilling the mobile element.

To power the search solution, Funnelback was utilised with multiple API integrations, providing rapid and accurate look-up across multiple data-sets to deliver the answers necessary.

Finally, to ensure that the site and search function would stand up to the rigours of public use, extensive load and infrastructure testing was undertaken.

The Results

Working to strict deadlines to meet key media timelines, E10 OK was delivered on-time and on-spec.

More than 180,000 checks were done in the first month of the site launching in September 2016, peaking at more than 3000 checks per hour.

The website achieved a 95% conversion rate of target goals – for users to either complete a compatibility check or look for their nearest service station.

The E10 OK project is the most successful digital-only campaign run by the Queensland Government.

The next step for DEWS is to monitor the impact of the campaign on the uptake of E10 fuel and general public awareness and sentiment. Phase two of the project will expand the focus on the ‘find a service station’ functionality in order to trigger a change of purchasing behaviour, as well as supply more information about biofuel benefits.

Due to its success, DEWS has already been approached by other states to see if they too can create something similar.

The Technology

We coupled our highly versatile Squiz Matrix CMS with Funnelback's Search Platform to deliver not just efficient and real-time search results across several massive databases, but also create an easy-to-use and highly informative website that educates its users.

The Services

The project utilised many of Squiz's Services offering which, working in conjunction with their in-house team, enabled us to create a solution that met their goals.

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