The Challenge

When Geoimage first started using SugarCRM, they were in a period of major growth, thanks to both the mining boom and an increasing awareness of the availability, and applications of, satellite imagery. The growth in the business brought new challenges in the pace of communication among the Geoimage teams located in state-based offices. A multitude of programs had been in use to share and collaborate on sales and delivery, including Excel, Google Drive and Dropbox. None of these were able to provide all the elements required in one platform and sharing data between offices was difficult, especially between the east and west coast. The preparation of monthly reports for the CEO and Board was an ongoing headache, as staff were unable to easily access the data necessary to compile them.

The challenge for Geoimage was to find a system that would:

  • Incorporate all the elements required by the business in a single application.
  • Promote data sharing between offices, and enable staff to access data anywhere, anytime.
  • Be an "off the shelf" product, but one that could be manipulated to suit their requirements without too much trouble.
  • Be user friendly in order to overcome any internal resistance to change.
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The Solution

Taking advantage of SugarCRM's flexible configuration, Geoimage adapted the system to meet their unique needs. Naming conventions in the program were changed to reflect the language familiar to staff. "Opportunities" became "Jobs", and "Accounts" became "Companies". These simple changes made training staff easier and assisted with adoption once the system went live.

Training was tailored around Geoimage's processes, rather than the software, putting the process of using the system into the context of each person's job. By adapting the training in this way, staff had a greater understanding of the benefits and the flow of the system before it went live. Geoimage took advantage of the Squiz's expertise to fully understand what the SugarCRM system was capable of and how it could be used to its best advantage. After the training, Geoimage were able to take their learnings back to the office and immediately apply them in practice

The Result

The biggest benefit has been the full and complete acceptance and use of the system. The fact that the online cloud system is accessible from virtually anywhere means Geoimage are now able to track projects, opportunities and collaborate across all their offices.

"Everyone is using the system and the team is happy with it. Everyone is working together to use the system and keep the data up-to-date."Geoimage's customers are happier with the service they are being provided. "We are able to stay in contact and track projects better and follow up more thoroughly as a result of implementing SugarCRM. This in turn aids us in managing our customer experience. "

Geoimage are now beginning to look at expanding the CRM system for marketing. "We are looking forward to having everything combined in the one tool once the marketing module is ready."

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