The Challenge

Fire and Rescue NSW is the busiest urban fire and rescue service in Australia, servicing all cities and towns across New South Wales. The officers and staff of the FRNSW provide help and support to NSW residents and visitors 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They are one of the crucial agencies involved in responding to emergencies and disasters throughout the state.

Fire and Rescue NSW depends heavily on its intranet to access resources rapidly and easily throughout its various fire stations and support offices. With offices and staff widely dispersed across the state, FRNSW needed to decentralise content management and put it in the hands of each business unit. There was a bottleneck with the webmaster because staff were unable to access the information they needed to edit, and nothing was being delivered within a reasonable timeframe. FRNSW needed a system that could give different regions the control they needed whilst also being easy for anyone and everyone to learn how to use.

Another challenge lay in FRNSW's complex TRIM integration requirements.

"Having an interface with TRIM was a driving force behind the project. The ability to have one source of truth for every document was vital to our goals. In terms of competitors, Squiz was the best for TRIM integration." Vanessa, Project Manager

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The Solution

FRNSW had heard about Squiz from other government agencies that were already working with us on their internal and external websites. After a lot of research, they decided to build their intranet using Squiz Matrix CMS and Funnelback search technologies due to their ability to meet the business objectives and goals laid out by the agency.

Squiz and Funnelback teams worked together to create a dynamic and highly intuitive Information Architecture that de-centralised content management and made finding the right documents easier than ever before. With so many assets serving mission-critical functions, especially in times of disaster, this was an important factor in crafting this final result.

Squiz's production team worked with FRNSW to create a customised TRIM bridge that enabled the agency to manage information where it lies and maintain a single source of truth. Funnelback search was integrated with Matrix to power 'related documents' and 'most popular' TRIM widgets within the intranet, so relevant information is now always close at hand. Additionally, our world-class Edit+ interface was specially customised to enable content authors to create associations between pages they are editing and documents in TRIM.

With such a widespread staff of content editors, Squiz developed a customised training program that could be taken either in the Squiz training office or remotely. The course focuses on the specific features that FRNSW workers would need to use in their daily routines and provided a wealth of material for the team to refer back to whenever needed.

The Result

We could tell you the result in our own terms but we'd rather give it to you straight from the client's mouth:

"The way the Squiz team interpreted our visual designs and business requirements and built it within the framework was done exceptionally well. We wanted to use things like dynamic content and it was implemented beyond our expectations. Squiz delivered a truly integrated CMS that fully met our requirements. The best part is that we have a lot of room to grow." Vanessa, Project Manager FRNSW

And on the subject of training, Vanessa tells us, "The training material was excellent and the design of the course was fantastic. Everyone could do it by the end, without exception. Of 85 people trained, all achieved the competency easily."

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